Faith like a Child

September 12, 2021
This week was our fall Sunday School Kickoff Sunday. Pastor Ron used this opportunity to encourage us to strive for "Faith like a Child."

The Hands We are Dealt

August 29, 2021
Are their things about yourself that you grumble about physically, emotionally, intellectually and/or spiritually? This week, pastor Ron challenges us to turn our grumbles into thanksgivings.

Responses to Truth

August 22, 2021
Sunday, August 22, Pastor Ron finishes his series from John 15 preaching from John 15:18-27 with a sermon titled, "Responses to Truth." "Jesus came so we could understand sin more…

Trust = LOVE

August 15, 2021
Pastor Ron continues his 3 week journey through John 15 looking at verses 9-17. Are you ready to accept God's love fully?