Hope When We Return

November 29, 2020
Join us the first Advent Sunday as Pastor Ron preaches on Hope When We Return. The main sermon passage is on Luke 15:11-32.

Life of Gratitude

November 22, 2020
Join us at we learn how to live a life of gratitude. Pastor Ron preaches from Galatians 5:16-26. What would life be like if we were grateful?Red River Church -…

You’re Invited

November 15, 2020
"You're Invited" to watch this sermon taught by Pastor Ron. Join us as we study Luke 14:15-22 and see that You're Invited to the table.

Our Place

November 1, 2020
Join us today as Pastor Ron speaks about Our Place in the world and in the kingdom. We learn about pride, timidity, confidence, and humility. Our focus Bible passage is…

Gaining Experience

October 25, 2020
Join us as Pastor Ron preaches about Gaining Experience. Pastor Ron takes a look at Luke 10:1-24 where Jesus sends out 72 followers to spread the good news and gain…

Be Prepared

October 4, 2020
Join us at Red River Church as we gather in different ways to better understand the Bible and our Master's will. Pastor Ron takes a look at Luke 12:35-48 and…