How does mowing your yard have to do with maintaining the Christian life? That's the question Pastor Walt asked God while preparing for today's message.


July 17, 2022
What does it mean to be overhauled? Pastor Ron uses the illustration of overhauling a car to help us understand this passage.

Dining with God

July 10, 2022
Have you ever thought about dining or eating with God? Today, guest speaker Craig looks at passages in the old testament that talk about dining with God, passages in the…

The Two Sides

June 26, 2022
Colossians is written to believers and in this section of the book, we look at the 2 sides, or 2 choices we ultimately have. 1. To live life in the…
Colossians is written to believers as a guide to remember what is important: a better understanding of Jesus. When you know "the real thing" you can identify what is counterfeit.

Here Comes Wisdom

June 5, 2022
Wisdom: Knowledge of what is good and true. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so we all can grow in Wisdom to help us understand the world in an additional way,…